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German Shorthaired Pointer
Lexi with Tennis Ball lexi Adopted May 2012 Last Christmas Eve we lost our beloved GSP, Trudy, to cancer. After a month we couldn't take it any longer because we felt a void in our family, like a piece was missing.

We were searching online for another GSP to adopt, this is when we came across Lexi!

The volunteer from the rescue group told us Lexi was a great, goofy, playful dog who wanted to play and jump around all the time!

We got to meet Lexi for ourselves; this is when we fell in love with her. We went to meet her with Alpha Dog Transport and when we laid eyes on her it was love at first sight. She had beautiful eyes and a silky, speckled coat. She is a gorgeous dog, inside and out.

When we took her home to meet Brandy (our other GSP)  they got along perfectly. Neither was dominant, and we could tell Brandy really enjoyed the company. Now they're sisters and can't live without each other.

Lexi is everything we could ask for in a dog. She is loving, playful, energetic and very nice. She loves to hunt squirrels in the back yard and likes long walks in the woods. She'll play with tennis balls, footballs, soccer balls and basically any other ball. She is very fun to play with and my two kids love her.

Lexi has made our house and family complete.

Thank you, GSP Rescue.

The Castellano Family; Mike, Kelly, Lauren, and Michael
Vera & Her New Brother german shorthaired pointer with new brother
Adopted in August 2011

Many hours were spent studying GSP's, once they finally talked me into going to check them out, we were "sold".

Once Vera picked us to keep her. From that moment to this day, she has been a "one boy" dog. She sticks to our son like glue and can't wait to have him tell her to do or go get something,ball, toy or bone, it does not matter.

You think that you are teaching them to do tricks but little do you know they are teaching you tricks for treats. Ready to please or laugh till you can't go anymore, then from full speed to fast asleep.

Just like another child Vera sleeps, eats and plays at your side. Love and Vera go hand in hand. She has stolen our hearts and everyone who meets her.

Of course we can't say enough about the "Foster" that kept Vera so we could have her. Thanks Kristen!

- The McMillan family

Jenny Girl! jenny the gsp We cat owners decided after many years to get a dog. We went back and forth a lot as to what type of dog to get and finally decided on a GSP. Through friends, we learned that you can adopt/rescue full bred dogs.  We were referred to Arkansas Rescue and met the most AMAZING foster mom.

Kristin contacted  us right away. We told her we had 3 children and two cats and we're a very busy, active home. She described Jenny to us and after several conversations, we decided that Jenny would be the perfect fit for us.

Jenny came to us in a beautiful trailer with a lot of friends.  It was LOVE at first sight.  Jenny is loving, sweet, affectionate and VERY OUTGOING.

Everyone knows her around the neighborhood.  GSPs are not common around here. When people see her they are amazed at how beautiful and friendly she is.

THE BEST BEST THING WE EVER DID!  Jenny is the love of all our lives. We still keep in touch with Kristin and update her on how our girl is doing. Kristin was the key to our success and from the bottom of our hearts we thank her for giving us such a precious gift.....Jenny!

- The Wolfe Family
Happy Hannah!

An Update on Hannah from her adoptive family in NY,

"We are enjoying her so much. She has quite a personality and is very vocal. She and her buddy play together all the time, that's why Snoopy is in most of her pictures. He is just about the same age as she is, so they both have a lot of energy. Hannah goes for rides in the truck with Tom and so many people comment on how "lovely" she is. We have had them to a dog park and they enjoy the freedom and running, and they get along with the other dogs. We love her very much and she has turned out to be a wonderful companion."

Thanks to Eastern German Shorthaired Rescue  for helping make Hannah's new life possible!
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